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Introducing Beech Hill Kennels Langhorne of Langhorne PA, where your pets enjoy luxe accommodations including suites, complete with cozy lambswool bedding, always crate-free boarding, customized activities and plenty of playtime. Dogs can enjoy individualized attention, or join for a full on party. Beech Hill Kennels Langhorne is a one of a kind pet boarding and training facility located in Langhorne PA.The greatest in the pet boarding business! The best place for your pets!

Beech Hill Kennels Langhorne

Phone: (215) 395-6627

At Beech Hill Kennels Langhorne, we offer a professional, award winning, pet & dogy day care, which includes everything that your dog needs until you are working or our of town. Let us take care of your 4-legged friend while you’re out of Langhorne PA or have urgent jobs. Our worry-free doggy day care services are the perfect solution for your dog instead of leaving it alone in its kennel. Of course, all of our employees are animal lovers, which have excellent references and are fully vetted. They are all fully license, insured and have no criminal past activity!

Reputed pet Grooming center in Langhorne PABeech Hill Kennels Langhorne provides your pet with the stressfree environment that minimises separation anxiety. We are animal lovers, which are happy to take care of your dog all day along. We board your dog/s and love him/her as a member of our family. Whilst your god is with us, it will have plenty of exercise by being walked daily, wear one of our security tags for the duration of their stay and more importantly your dog will be in a safe place with lots of attention and love.

We also provide full dog grooming services for all breeds with a variety of style clips. A bath (which is included in the price) is required as it helps reduce dead skin cells and loose coat. If your pet has special shampoo needs, we can use the same product as his, except the cases when your dog has to use specific medicated shampoos, which you will need to provide. We have a variety of top quality medicated (nonprescription) and herbal shampoos available. You can be sure that only top of the line products will be used on your dog’s coat and skin.

The most effective pet training programs! For all of you who can’t handle the behaviour of it’s pet, we offer effective pet training solutions. We are one of the most experienced and successful pet training company in Langhorne PA. With over 40 years of experience, we have helped thousands of people with their pets problems. Our methods are effective and most importantly non aggressive!

If you want to replace the old kennel of your dog with a new one, Beech Hill Kennels Langhorne is the best place to visit where you can find a wide variety of dog kennels: from timber dog kennels and chicken houses to wooden dog kennels and more. We pride ourselves in offering the most attractive, unique and best dog kennel range available on the market, with every style of timber dog kennel priced to give you the greatest value here in Langhorne PA. Your next dog kennel will be a long term investment with the most durable wooden dog kennel around from Beech Hill Kennels Langhorne.

To learn more about our pet services, contact us now at (215) 395-6627

Visit our other website for more information: www.beechhillkennels.com

by K. Mattison

My dog loves this place. This place is amazing. First of all, it is very clean, friendly and has a great dog playground! The staff is wonderful. I have a male boxer that used to hate going to a kennel, I travel often and have tried many kennels before. This is the only kennel that my dog did not come home sick. This place did wonders for that, in fact I know why my dog loves it so much. The staff plays with the dogs and he knows them very well. The excitement when I take him there is unbelievable! I can barely hold him when we get there! I have been taking him there for over a year now and could not be happier with the care. Also they do grooming which is also fantastic; he comes home smelling great for weeks. Even when I don't have him groomed he still smells clean. I just want to let anyone and everyone knows this place is hands down my dog’s home away from home.
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